Point of View promises the ultimate power move in women’s work wear: POCKETS

Point of View (POV) a Seattle-based modern and functional women's workwear startup, is on a mission to end pockets inequality. Point of View has launched a movement, known as the 'Pockets Pledge' by creating pieces that combine designer style with the practicality of pockets (and more). Our goal? Enable women to be fashion forward with the freedom of a pocket that fits your smartphone. For working women everywhere, POV aims to create a powerful form of self-presentation that helps women to show up, feel confident, and perform as their best selves at work.

Debuting for Spring 2024, POV is the brainchild of Aditi Sinha, a global marketing executive and an alum of the tech corporate world, and Sakina Adeeb, a seasoned tech leader who has brought many great products to life at Amazon. POV aims to reinvent women's workwear with a functional lineup of 8 dresses, 5 tops, 3 trousers, 3 blazers and 2 skirts, that are as statement making as they are sensible. From non-negotiable pockets that fit the latest smartphone, to slit zippers that put women in control of their stride, adjustable pant lengths for a versatile look and elastic waists/stretchable fabrics that gives them room to breathe, POV works backwards from real needs working women have every single day. The women founders draw from their personal experiences to incorporate nuances such as bra strap holders and lining the garments to avoid lingerie lines from showing. An added plus? Most of POV’s garments are machine washable - limiting the time, money, and environmental impact to dry-clean traditional workwear. 

Women put their professional attire through a lot: hustling to and from their desks, balancing various gadgets with filled-to-the-brim coffee cups, and keeping their outfit as crisp for that 6 pm happy hour as the 9 am board meeting. POV’s audience has aspirational dreams for their wardrobes: stylish yet functional, movement-friendly pieces that project confidence and competence.  POV style guide takes the guesswork out of dressing and offers closet solutions based on the occasion you are shopping for such as ‘Daily Dopamine’, ‘Work to Wine’ and ‘Power Presence’.

Every bit as noteworthy as the unapologetic presence of pinks and bold aesthetics of a matt/satin contrast, is the price point: a ‘Daily Dopamine’ dress will set you back just $95, while blazers top out the range at $150. This range democratizes access to designer quality at non designer price tags and is about as needed in the work world as, say, temperature controls in a freezing office. That’s the gap POV aims to fill.

“We created POV to deliver better workwear options for women who were failed by the status quo. It stands for the way we live our hybrid lives – with purpose as well as imagination whether we are on duty, off duty or any time in between. If you need to step out today, all you need is a phone and card to get anything done. Pockets can enable that”, says Aditi Sinha, Founder, POV.

“As a toddler mom and working professional who always needs kid's snacks, phone or credit card in accessible reach, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having functional, aesthetic and convenient pockets in womenswear. Super excited about the upcoming line”, says Prachi Mukhija, Senior Manager, Amazon.

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